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    • Vegetarian

    • Egg, Chickpea & Avo on Dough


      Free range cracked poached eggs,spice infused chickpeas, avocado
      smash,chilli & tomato salsa (1,2,4 )

    • Hot Healthy Sandwich


      Scrambled egg, tomato salsa, fresh chillies, mushrooms and avocado smash on sourdough (1,3,7)

    • Eggs


      Poached or Scrambled - served with sourdough or soda. (1,3,7,12)

    • Blueberry & Chai Honey wholemeal Pancakes


      Gluten-Free, with berries, fresh compote and Glenisk Organic Yoghurt.(3,7)

    • Crepes


      With Nutella or Maple or Fresh Fruit all served with cream (1,3,7,)

    • Organic Porridge


      Organic Porridge with a choice of toppings (1,7) Available till 12 noon.

    • The Caesar


      Chicken fillet chunks and Gubbeen bacon, baby gem leaves wrapped in our homemade caesar dressing, parmesan shavings, garlic croutons. (1,3,7)

      (V) Vegetarian option available.

    • Red Thai Curry (V)(GF)


      Vegetarian Red Thai Curry Served with turmeric and saffron infused rice.

    • Spinach and Ricotta Pillows (V)


      Served in a in tomato basil and parmesan cream sauce. (1,3,7)

    • Tagliatelle Verde (V)


      Served with seasonal greens and parmesan pesto sauce.(1,3,7,8)

    • Honey Thyme infused Goat’s Cheese Crostini


      Toasted walnuts, caramelised onion, fresh pears. (1,8,12)

    • Superfood Salad (V)


      Balsamic glazed Supersweet Irish Strawberries and blueberries, artisan goat’s cheese flavoured in house, rocket and mixed herb salad, house vinegarette. (3)

    • Egg Mayo and Salad (V)


      Egg Mayo and salad open sandwich on homemade brown bread (V)

    • Wild Mushroom Bruschetta (V)



    • Traditional Tomato Bruschetta (V)



    • Vegan Special Salad (V)


      Paprika golden fried Jackfruit, pineapples, mixed leaves, spring onion, red peppers, organic apple cider vinegarette. Developed in conjunction with Nutritionist Sinead Dundon, Adare Healthfoods.

    • The Caprese (V)


      West Cork buffalo mozzarella, Irish vine tomatoes, homemade pesto and fresh basil. Served on Rosemary Seasalt flatbread crostini, rocket and parmesan garnish. (1,3,7)

    • Fresh Orange Juice

    • Home Bakes

      A selection of home baked and gluten friendly breakfast breads/muffins.