Allergens:   1. Cereals    2.Crustaceans    3.Eggs   4. Fish   5.Peanuts   6.Soybeans   7.Milk   8.Nuts 9.Celery   10.Mustard   11.Sesame seed    12.Sulphites    13.Lupin    14.Molluscs   15.Dairy

For Take Away or Pre- Order please call 087 6379241

Available from 12 noon.

    • Soup & Sandwiches

    • Soup of the Day


      Soup of the Day (please see the board for details)

    • Fresh Seafood Chowder


      Selection of fresh Kenmare Seafood with our homemade brown soda bread (2,4,7,14)

    • Egg Mayo and Salad (V)


      Egg Mayo and salad open sandwich on homemade brown bread (V)

    • Home Smoked Ham Salad


      Home Smoked Ham Salad open sandwich on homemade brown bread. (1,3,7)

    • Chicken Salad


      Open sandwich of Chicken Salad on homemade brown bread. (1,3,7)

    • Smoked Salmon Salad


      Served with lemon and capers on homemade brown bread. (1,3,4,7)

    • Open BLT


      Homemade Soda bread with Irish Vine tomatoes, Baby Gem Lettuce and Gubbeen Rashers, lashings of mayo, side of slaw. (1,3,7)

    • Tandoori infused Chicken Naan


      Toasted garlic coriander naan, Avocado salsa, lemon aioli, topped with rocket leaves. (1,3)

    • Homemade Falafel Sandwich


      Mediterranean style Falafel on toasted garlic coriander naan,rich garlic and herb tomato sauce and raita dressing.  (1,7)

    • Warm Smoked Salmon and Shrimp Bruschetta


      Rosettes of Oak Smoked Salmon,Shrimp and Avocado Salsa on Toasted Loaf. (1,2,4)

    • Smoked Turkey Club


      Fresh sliced Oakwood home smoked turkey, smoked Gubeen crispy bacon, little gem leaves, free range fried egg, Irish vine tomato and dijon mayonnaise. Served on toasted sourdough with French Fries. (1,3,7,10)

    • The Bistro Toasted Special


      William O’Brien’s local cheddar, home cooked ham, red onion and house relish toasted on Sunflower organic sourdough bread. Served with salad garnish and French fries. (1,3,7)

    • Grilled Chicken Fillet & Spicy Chipotle Sandwich


      Grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, avocado, crispy lettuce, onions, smothered in a chipotle mayo, served on homemade flatbread. (1,3,7)

    • Mains

    • Prawn Thai Red Curry


      Prawn Red Thai Curry Served with turmeric and saffron infused rice.

    • Bistro Thai Red Curry (GF)


      Chicken in a creamy, flavoursome mild heat Red Thai curry sauce served with turmeric and saffron infused rice.

    • Red Thai Curry (V)(GF)


      Vegetarian Red Thai Curry Served with turmeric and saffron infused rice.

    • Chicken Penne Pasta


      Chicken strips, lemon juice, spicy tomato tossed with penne pasta & garlic bread. (1,3)

    • Seafood Pasta


      Selection of fresh fish tossed in a creamy parmesan, fresh basil & thyme sauce and drizzled with a rocket pesto and garlic crostini. (1,2,3,4,7,14)

    • Creamy Chicken & Bacon Carbonara


      Chicken and Smoked Bacon Carbonara served with homemade garlic crostini. (1,7)

    • Rich Creamy Mixed Seafood Pie


      Fresh Kenmare Hake & Smoked salmon in a creamy béchamel sauce, sliced boiled eggs topped with a crusted chive mashed potato. (2,3,4,7,14)

    • Burgers

      Burgers come with french fries and salad garnish  (allow approx 10 mins cooking time)

    • BBQ Pulled Pork Burger


      BBQ homesmoked Pulled pork burger, with O’Brien’s vintage cheddar, pickled cabbage and apple shavings (1,3,7,10)

    • Classic Burger


      100% Local Beef Burger, O’Brien’s Vintage cheddar cheese, little gem leaves,irish tomato,cajun mayo , served on a toasted brioche bun (1,3,7,10) 

      Add Bacon €1.00

    • Mexican Burger


      As above with Mexican spiced jalapeno salsa & lemon aioli. (7)

    • Hawaiian Burger


      Burger with Hawaiian topped with pineapple & Marie Rose sauce. (7)

    • Bacon Blue Cheese Burger


      100% Local Beef Burger with Bacon & blue cheese mayo, sauté mushrooms. (7)

    • Tandoori Chicken Burger


      Served with O’Brien’s vintage cheddar cheese & avocado salsa. (1,3,7,10)

    • Salads

    • The Caesar


      Chicken fillet chunks and Gubbeen bacon, baby gem leaves wrapped in our homemade caesar dressing, parmesan shavings, garlic croutons. (1,3,7)

      (V) Vegetarian option available.

    • The Caesar (V)


      Baby gem leaves wrapped in our homemade caesar dressing, parmesan shavings, garlic croutons. (1,3,7)

    • Tandoori Chicken Salad


      Rocket, Cherry Tomato, Red Onion, Cucumber, Fresh Mint, Garlic Croutons, Our house Vinaigrette and Mint Yoghurt Raita (1,7)

    • Superfood Salad (V)


      Artisan Goats Cheese, flavoured in house with honey and thyme, topped with fig and almond shavings on a bed of mixed leaves, with orange flavoured couscous , caramelised pear and red onion slivers. (3,15)

    • Tiger Prawn and Avocado Salad


      Grilled Tiger Prawns, chopped avocado, chickpeas and little gem lettuce, tossed in a zingy lemon and coriander dressing. (4,14)

    • Vegan Special Salad (V)


      Paprika golden fried Jackfruit, pineapples, mixed leaves, spring onion, red peppers, organic apple cider vinegarette. Developed in conjunction with Nutritionist Sinead Dundon, Adare Healthfoods.

    • Warm chicken & black pudding salad


      Warm Cajun chicken slivers tossed with Leah’s Gourmet Black pudding chunks, samphire, little gem leaves, spring onions, caramelised pears, raspberry vinegarette (1,7)

    • Side Orders

    • Cup of Soup


      Cup of the Soup of the Day (see board for details)

    • Skin on French Fries

    • Sweet Potato Fries

    • Side Salad


“We are a local, family run restaurant. All of our food is cooked freshly in house. Please ask your server for information on any dietary requirements or if you have any questions regarding allergen content and we would be happy to customise for you”.

Suppliers Listing:
Brian Costello Butchers, Adare
Pallas Foods, Ardagh, Co. Limerick
Miscela D’Oro Real Italian Coffee
Tea4U Organic Teas, Limerick Milk Market
Guiry’s Free Range Eggs, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick
Lane’s, Tralee, Co. Kerry
Star Seafoods, Dingle, Co. Kerry