• Creamy Mediterranean Seafood Penne

About Us

We are a local, family run restaurant. All of our food is cooked freshly in house. Please ask your server for information on any dietary requirements or if you have any questions regarding allergen content, and we would be happy to customise for you.

Breakfast Menu

The extensive Breakfast Menu is available until 2pm unless otherwise stated and caters for all tastes.

Lunch Menu

The extensive Lunch Menu is available after 12 noon.

Vegeterian Dishes

Our extensive range of Vegetarian Dishes is sure to cater for all tastes.

Our Coffee

We are proud to serve our Organic, Eco friendly, Quality assured and Sustainable artisan coffee Miscela D’Oro. This Fair Trade, Kosher friendly coffee is a coffee break pleasant to the palate… and joyful to the spirit.

village bistro adare coffee

Produced since 1946 in Messina Italy by the Urbano family. 100% Arabica, Italian Mid Roast Espresso blend, vanilla and toffee notes. Any family run business is tough these days with global competition…probably nowhere moreso than in the coffee market. I am super proud to represent the handful of businesses in the South of Ireland that champions this coffee and can’t wait to visit the family roastery later this year

village bistro adare coffee

We serve Americano, Mocha, Espresso, Macchiato, Cortado, Cappuccino and a whole host of other delights from this blend.

village bistro adare coffee

The ethos of the coffee is the same ethos I stand over in the Bistro: family, local, friendly, artisan, home cooked, personable.
Thank you for your business, and I look forward to welcoming you again!
Cathy x


Trusted Suppliers

Brian Costello Butchers, Adare
Pallas Foods, Ardagh, Co. Limerick
Guiry’s Free Range Eggs, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick
Lane’s, Tralee, Co. Kerry
Star Seafoods, Dingle, Co. Kerry
Miscela D’Oro Real Italian Coffee
Tea4U Organic Teas, Limerick Milk Market